18x01 - Sturgeon Season - Gibbs and Fornell (Joe Spano) attempt to track down the leader of a drug ring who supplied drugs to Fornell’s daughter. Also, the team deals with the case of a missing cadaver from the NCIS autopsy room, on the 18th season premiere of NCIS
Tuesday, Nov. 17, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)

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Fans of NCIS might have to wait until Jan. 29 for a new episode, but EW won’t make you wait for your first peek at the Abby-centric hour, titled “Hit and Run.”

In the episode, a case comes in to NCIS that “strikes a chord” with Abby (Pauley Perrette), according to executive producer Gary Glasberg, and it “gets her thinking about a situation from her past and gets her questioning some things about who she is and why she’s there and what she does.”

“We’ve done origin stories before — as you know — and it’s always been fun to look back,” Glasberg says. “With Abby specifically, I started to wonder if it might be more interesting to look back — not so much as when she joined NCIS — but when she became interested in forensics and solving puzzles. In my mind, that goes back to her as a child, and the idea of seeing Abby Sciuto as a child intrigued everybody. [We wanted to do] it in this almost To Kill a Mockingbird manner and [figure] out how we could flash back to see when those seeds were planted of who Abby would become.” (See another photo below.)


Glasberg says “Hit and Run” will likely not be the last juicy origin story NCIS delivers. “I’m always interested in getting to know these people and getting to know where they come from and what made them who they are,” he says. “And after 10 seasons, to still have the opportunity to scratch away at that is a gift. We’re having fun with it.”

Fans are also presumably having fun. In the ratings race, NCIS is second to none — even Idol. In fact, this week’s episode, which aired Tuesday, was the decade-old show’s second-highest rated hour ever.


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Home > NCIS > Episode Stills > Season Ten > 10×11 – Shabbat Shalom

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Tony DiNozzo’s apartment made its debut on tonight’s episode of NCIS, and it was quite the classy place for a guy who once prided himself on his frat boy-like behavior.

But as star Michael Weatherly and executive producer Mark Horowitz explain in this exclusive look behind the scenes, a lot of thought went into making Tony’s humble abode and every detail had a purpose and a message. “You might think he has movie posters and is a slob, but what we come to learn as we open the door, is that he has quite an elegant apartment. It’s rather beautiful with some well-selected — but maybe not particularly expensive — pieces of furniture. And it’s rather neat,” says Horowitz. “It’s a beautiful space. Everyone who walked on that set after it was built and furnished said they’d move in there in a minute.”

Weatherly echos the compliments, adding: “Production really put their thinking caps on with this on…I think there’s something great about DiNozzi going back to this apartment that’s waiting for a family, and yet, he’s making it impossible for himself to do that. The apartment is kind of like Tony himself; it has all this potential and all this great stuff going on, but then it just stops short of the mark.”


Tony DiNozzo sleeps on a twin bed
. Yes, a twin bed. And while shocking that the ladies man has never actually brought a lady home (he only goes to their places), Weatherly says, his unfriendly sleeping set up sends a clear message. “It’s an impediment to any kind of expanding the brand of Tony. He’s not inviting anyone else to share that with him,” he says. “It’s a lonely image — but it’s also a very funny image.” (In fact, he shares, co-star Pauley Perrette “laughed for, I think, 15 minutes.”)

But does Weatherly view Tony’s way of living as a sign that Tony never wants a family? Not exactly. “It’s not that I think he doesn’t want it, it’s just that he doesn’t want to drag anyone into his mess,” he says. “He’s built some very high walls around this secret garden, and it’s gotta be some sort of self sabatoge.”


Whose brilliant idea was it to have Tony’s only living companion be a goldfish named after his dead partner? Surprisingly, it was two superfans who came up with the Easter egg! “We had two 13-year-old girls on set one day visiting, and I said, ‘Don’t you think Tony should have a pet?’…and the girls said, ‘Oh, yeah. It’s good if he has someone to talk to.’” explains Weatherly. But as soon as they had landed on an easily maintained pet goldfish, the next challenge was to name it. When the girls came up with “Kate,” it was too perfect to pass up. “So we made it so,” he says.


Tony’s musical talents have been seen at various times throughout the series, but placing instruments in the area seemed like a good way to drive the point home, says Horowitz. “We’ve established in previous episodes that he plays [instruments],” he says. “But it gives you a feel as you walk in…that this is a guy who is a little more complicated and sophisticated than he lets on.”


While staying over, DiNozzo Sr. sees first hand his son’s dedication to the single life — limited dishes, one nightstand, etc. And Horowitz admits his own experience with the single man lifestyle enabled him to communicate the message properly. “I was a single man for a long time and I lived very much like this for a number of years,” he says, laughing. “I remember having a girlfriend once went to buy a new bedroom set, and I looked at her and said, ‘Why would you get two [nightstands]?’ It didn’t even make sense to me. So that’s the theme that runs through this. He’s a single man and, really, getting married really isn’t in his plans.” And as fans saw in the episode, Tony’s father (Robert Wagner), feels personally responsible for his son’s views on marriage. “[Tony] has seen what’s happened to his father, and he doesn’t want to emulate that lifestyle. So this is the path that he has set for himself and his environment reflects that.”


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NCIS‘ Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) has seen a lot in his storied life — but what he’s about to lay his eyes on in next Tuesday’s episode of TV’s most watched drama is sure to be a first.

In the episode “Devil’s Trifecta” — which is a follow-up of sorts to last year’s “Devil’s Triangle” — this happens

For the precious few uninitiated of you out there, that is Gibbs’ ex-wife, Diane Sterling (played by returning guest star Melinda McGraw), getting spooned by Sean Murray‘s McGee. We can’t quite make out Gibbs’ expression from this angle, but dollars to donuts it is one-half bemusement, one-half “WTF?”

You’ll have to tune into CBS next Tuesday at 8/7c to find out exactly what transpired here. But suffice to say, as shared in the official synopsis for the episode, “Rumors run wild among the group after Diane stays overnight at McGee’s.” Yeah, I’d say so!


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Robert Wagner (“Hart to Hart”) Guest Starsbas Anthony DiNozzo, Sr.

CHEAT TWEET: Will Tony B naughty or nice 2 dad #Robert Wagner at Christmas? On #NCIS 12/18 8pm ET/PT @M_Weatherly

“You Better Watch Out” – It’s Christmas time and Tony DiNozzo can’t decide if he’ll be naughty or nice when his dad, Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., comes to town for a visit. Meanwhile, the NCIS team is “following the money” in order to solve a murder investigation, and Abby is bursting with excitement over all the holiday festivities, on NCIS, Tuesday, Dec. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Robert Wagner (“Hart to Hart”) reprises his role as Tony’s father.

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HQ stills from the upcoming episode just uploaded to the gallery

Home > NCIS > Episode Stills > Season Ten > 10×06 – Shell Shock Part I

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We have added stills for the last two episodes on NCIS and just added stills for the next all new episode of NCIS.

Home > NCIS > Episode Stills > Season Ten
Home > NCIS > Episode Stills > Season Ten > 10×04 – Lost at Sea

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Home > NCIS > Episode Stills > Season Ten > 10×01 – Extreme Prejudice

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There are a lot of pieces to put back together in the new season of NCIS — literally and figuratively. Need proof? Check out this exclusive first photo from the show’s upcoming tenth season.

Abby (Pauley Perrette), who we last saw getting tackled by Gibbs right before a bomb rocked NCIS HQ, is seen looking a little dazed — and who can blame her? Look at the destruction behind her! (Photo after jump.)

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

But if you think the action stops with the bomb, you’re surely mistaken, according to executive producer Gary Glasberg. “It literally picks up two hours after the explosion, and it’s an action-packed episode of television. I packed a lot in there,” he says. “It’s an emotional roller coaster, and it’s all about the manhunt for Harper Dearing (Richard Schiff). It gets really personal between Gibbs and Dearing.”

NCIS returns Sept. 25.


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