18x01 - Sturgeon Season - Gibbs and Fornell (Joe Spano) attempt to track down the leader of a drug ring who supplied drugs to Fornell’s daughter. Also, the team deals with the case of a missing cadaver from the NCIS autopsy room, on the 18th season premiere of NCIS
Tuesday, Nov. 17, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)

Ziva: That you had my back. That you always had my back. And I was wrong to question your motives.
7.2 Reunion

Tony: Even with Gibbs as a father, I’d date her
Gibbs: Never more then once DiNozzo
4.3 Singled Out

Ziva/McGee: Gibbs Has a Father!
Abby/Tony: Tell Me Everything!
6.4 Heartland

Gibbs: He stay at your place?
Abby: Yup!
Gibbs: You sleep in the coffin, McGee
McGee: Coffin? You said that it was a box sofa bed
Abby: Well… It is! Sort of..
McGee: That’s why you wouldn’t turn the lights on. I can’t believe I just slept in a coffin.
Abby: Not just slept
1.23 Reveille

Ziva: Well, you know what they say. You cannot make an omelet without breaking a few legs
Tony: She’s never making me breakfast.
McGee: Uh, Ziva, it’s ‘without breaking a few eggs.’
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Gibbs: You lied to me.
Ziva: No. When I told you Ari was innocent. I believed it. But yes. I would have lied to you. He was – my brother. And you were nothing. But I was wrong about Ari and you. When I pulled the trigger to save your life, I was not following orders. I mean how could you even think – he was my brother. And now he is gone. Eli is all but dead to me. And the closest thing I have… to a father is accusing me.
Gibbs: Ok.
7.2 Reunion

Abby Sciuto: Do you think it’s just by chance that he came back into your life? I mean, what about Gibbs and his father, and Tony? Just uh, comes a point, you know, in your lifetime where – where they come back into your life. Because – because they matter to you, and you matter to him. I know it sounds complicated, but believe me, it’s not nearly as complicated as knowing they’re never ever coming back.
8.8 Enemies Foreign

Eli David: Ziva if you want to talk. We will talk. I’m not going to beg.
Ziva David: Why not? You know, confronted with the prospect of your own death, another man…
Eli David: A lesser man.
Ziva David: A HUMAN MAN, Would want to.
Eli David: Ziva, you are not dead. You are living your life, making your choices. If you choose to let me be part of your life, I would welcome that with open arms. I am saddled with responsibilities that you cannot possibly fathom. The safety of a nation. And every one of our neighbors wants us dead. I don’t have the luxury of allowing my feelings to dictate my actions.
Ziva David: You do not have *any* feelings!
Eli David: I have no feelings?… There was a time, Ziva. When I was quite different. When my house was filled with the sound of children laughing. You and Ari and Tali. There was a time, Ziva. Yes.
8.8 Enemies Foreign

Tony DiNozzo: Someone’s setting me up.
Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Two surgically removed legs dumped into a training area? Do you think?
Tony DiNozzo: Yeah, I was…. trying to think of arrestees with grudges
Ziva David: Wouldn’t they all have grudges?.
Tony DiNozzo: You see my dilemma
3.9 Frame-Up

Kate Todd: You were a boy scout?
Tony DiNozzo: Cub.
Kate Todd: What did they kick you out for?
Tony DiNozzo: Trying to score Brownie points.
1.18 UnSEALed

Kate Todd: How’d you get into this?
Abby Sciuto: I filled out an application
1.2 Hung Out to Dry

Tony DiNozzo: Nice hate. Did they make you the boat mascot?
Kate Todd: That’s your way of saying you missed me, isn’t it?
Tony DiNozzo: No
1.7 Sub Rosa

Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Come on, DiNozzo. We’ve got problems – someone’s trying to kill us again.
Tony DiNozzo: (to a concerned Abby) I’m sure he didn’t mean that.
2.23 Twilight

Tony DiNozzo: We gotta do something boss
Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Have you ever made a mistake, Tony?
Tony DiNozzo: According to you or me?
Leroy Jethro Gibbs: You
Tony DiNozzo: Yeah
Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Could anyone make you feel better?
Tony DiNozzo: no
2.23 Twilight

Leroy Jethro Gibbs: What about his Prints?
Abby Sciuto: I compared them to the prints that Tony and McGee got from the beach restroom. They didn’t jive.
Timothy McGee: We must have lifted hundreds of prints. You sure you ran them all?
Abby Sciuto: (nonchalantly) No McGee, about midway through I got tired so I was just like “screw it”
2.18 Bikini Was

Timothy McGee: So Tony is in charge again
Ziva David: Yes
Timothy McGee: How do you feel about it?
Ziva David: Tony is a competent, capable investigator and a good leader. You do not agree?
Timothy McGee: Yeah, I agree, it’s just that he’s kind of irritating when he’s not the boss. When he is, he walks around with that peacock strut and that smirk. It’s like — he’s behind me, isn’t he?
Tony DiNozzo: Smirking
6.16 Bounce

Timothy McGee: I’m awake
Ziva David: We didn’t say another McGee.
Timothy McGee: But you did something, didn’t you? What’d you do?! Dd you try and put my hand in this water?
Tony DiNozzo: That’s a little juvenile
Timothy McGee: You drew on my face, didn’t you? You drew on my face!
Tony DiNozzo: No. I suggested stripping you naked, putting a tag on you toe and dragging you down to autopsy so that when you woke up you would think you were dead, but Ziva thought it was in poor taste.
Timothy McGee: Well, Thank you, Ziva
7.15 Jack Knife

Tony DiNozzo: … Maybe instead of having a midlife crisis, I’m having a midlife Crazy.
Ziva David: Look you are not crazy, Okay. You are just growing up. Some lessons are more painful when we grow older. When the Stakes are higher, but you need to find balance, and yes yes yes yes yes you need to treat people more respectfully, especially when it comes to matters of the hear, but you need to be who are are.
Tony DiNozzo: Who am I?
Ziva David: You are Tony DiNozzo, the class clown….That is why we love you.
8.10 False Witness

Eli David: There have been times, I felt this job take a piece of me. I worry they may be gone forever.
Ziva David: Sometimes life… surprises you.
Eli David: [Walks to Ziva’s side of the desk] Those are the moments worth living for, my Ziva. [Eli kisses Ziva on the forehead]
8.9 Enemies Domestic

Dr. Rachel Cranston: Director Vance, Spending time with your team has been enlightening to say the least. In clinical terms there a disaster, but their selfless dysfunction is ultimately why it works. It’s clear to me we all react to life’s challenges in different ways. Your people are no exception. Some fight death, and some embrace it’s solace. Some recognize their fate, and other do whatever is necessary to alter it. Sometimes we define other expectations, and occasionally we rise to met them. But the constant is being true to ourselves. We do what we have to when we have to. We react for better or worse. It’s why your team succeeds. But we be careful, eventually it might caught up to you. A man walks into a bar and ask the bar tender for a glass of water, the bartender pulls out a shotgun ….”
8.14 A Man Walks Into a Bar….

Ziva David: You know it seems unfair, you get to go home for giving us the name of a man who was recently murdered.
Special Agent Jethro Gibbs: Deal’s a deal, Ziver.
Leona Phelps: You gotta muzzle your pups, Gibbs. They all seem to have a problem with barking.
Special Agent Jethro Gibbs: No, this one’s problem is definitely her bite.
8.17 A One Last Score

Jethro Gibbs: Sleeping with Barret’s a bad idea.
Tony DiNozzo: No offense. My personal life is my business.
Jethro Gibbs: It’s gonna affect your work.
Tony DiNozzo: No, it won’t.
Jethro Gibbs: It already has.
Tony DiNozzo: I know what you’re thinking. That I’ve lost focus. That I’ve taken my eye off the ball.
Jethro Gibbs: I depend on you
8.21 Dead Reflection

Abby Sciuto: Where you going?
Timothy McGee: Going with you. As long as Cobb is still on the loose we’re not taking any chances.
Abby Sciuto: No McGee, shoo. I can take care of myself.
Timothy McGee: Abby, this is not just another random suspect. This guy is very bad news. If something were to happen to you, I would…
Abby Sciuto: [Long pause] You’d what, McGee?
[McGee gives her a look, Abby hugs him]
8.24 Pyramid

Anthony DiNozzo: Wait. Aren’t you going to help?
Abby Sciuto: That’s so sweet of you to ask. But my job is to process the evidence – not find it. I would never want to take that away from you.
9.2 Restless

Diane: Would you tell Tobias, I never meant to hurt him.
Jethro Gibbs: Oh yeah, he knows – I think.
Diane: I really liked him. But I never should have married him. I didn’t love him. Just like you never loved me.
Jethro Gibbs: I liked you… I still do.
Diane: But the only woman you’ll ever love is Shannon.
[Diane hands something to Gibbs]
Diane: You were my Shannon, Leroy.
[Gibbs looks at his grandfather’s watch]
9.7 Devil’s Triangle

Jethro Gibbs: You never told me you were proud.
Ann Gibbs: Proud of the boy I knew, proud of the man you’ve become, and proud of everything in-between
9.14 Life Before His Eyes

Tim McGee: Were you aware of Plimpton’s history with Watcher Fleet?
Murdoch: Watcher Fleet? No. But… he was always going on about Skyrim and Old Republic…? You are talking about dorky role-playing games, right? You must be into those, uh?
Tim McGee: Until I took an arrow in the knee.
9.21 Rekindled

Parsons: Do you take full responsibility for the actions of your team?
Jethro Gibbs: What do you think?
10×23 Double Blind

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