18x01 - Sturgeon Season - Gibbs and Fornell (Joe Spano) attempt to track down the leader of a drug ring who supplied drugs to Fornell’s daughter. Also, the team deals with the case of a missing cadaver from the NCIS autopsy room, on the 18th season premiere of NCIS
Tuesday, Nov. 17, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)

8×01: Spider and the Fly
Original Air Date—21 September 2010
With Paloma Reynosa still on the loose, Gibbs must take desperate measures to protect the ones he loves.

8×02: Worst Nightmare
Original Air Date—28 September 2010
A young girl’s kidnapping turns into much more when her grandfather complicates the investigation.

8×03: Short Fuse
Original Air Date—5 October 2010
When the motives behind an attack on a female bomb tech link her to a murder, the NCIS team investigates her very guarded personal life.

8×04: Royals & Loyals
Original Air Date—12 October 2010
When the body of an American officer is connected to a British Navy vessel, murder turns into an international incident.

8×05: Dead Air
Original Air Date—19 October 2010
When a controversial DJ and a Naval Officer are shot to death, the team uncovers a sinister plan.

8×06: Cracked
Original Air Date—26 October 2010
Delving into the mind of a brilliant Naval Scientist, Abby becomes fixated on solving her murder, while DiNozzo’s latest fling leads to an interesting Halloween.

8×07: Broken Arrow
Original Air Date—9 November 2010
DiNozzo’s father returns, playing a vital role in a murder investigation that could have catastrophic results.

8×08: Enemies Foreign
Original Air Date—16 November 2010
The team is assigned to protect Ziva’s father, when his attendance at a NCIS conference leads to some unexpected surprises, on part one of a two-part NCIS.

8×09: Enemies Domestic
Original Air Date—23 November 2010
The team scrambles for answers after a shocking ambush reveals a new twist to their current investigation, on the conclusion of a two-part NCIS.

8×10: False Witness
Original Air Date—14 December 2010
The NCIS team investigates the disappearance of a Navy petty officer who is the sole witness in an upcoming murder trial.

8×11: Ships in the Night
Original Air Date—11 January 2011
Coast Guard Investigator (CGIS) Abigail Borin Marine called old acquaintance Gibbs having been the last to see alive highly decorated first lieutenant Jeremy Nolan. He was expertly shot twice, from a smaller boat, during a family dinner celebrating his safe return from Afghanistan, aboard the Potomac boat where Borin had a lousy date with Steve Mehlman, with socialite sister Kimberly ‘Kim’ Nolan, sole heir to the late self-made millionaire Jack, who disinherited Jeremy for refusing to succeed him in Nolan Radar Systems, now run by CFO Tom Adam, and their uncle, corporate lawyer Wayne Grossman. Waiter ex-marine Doug Fisher. Jeremy’s Princeton non-friend Devin Lodge, a socialite millionaire who bothered Kim, had a brawl with him three days earlier. A second body is fished out of the Potomac, violent ex-con Kyle Dansby (34), dumped and carrying the bullet type used to kill Jeremy, shot himself with another caliber.

8×12: Recruited
Original Air Date—18 January 2011
Navy Petty Officer First Class Simon Craig (27) is pushed down a staircase and finished off by crushing his skull with a workman’s boot in the Maryland high-school where he counseled five potential recruits. Simon started a gay affair a month earlier with English teacher Glenn Block, whose viciously jealous wife Penny recently found out. ‘Recruit’ Paul Simmons never mentioned their contacts to his dad, unemployed drunk Lance, who can’t believe Paul would even consider military discipline, but ignores a crucial secret. meanwhile Ducky’s predecessor, Doctor Walter Magnus, visits barely announced, suffering from Alzheimer.

8×13: Freedom
Original Air Date—1 February 2011
Active reserve US Marine sergeant Travis Wooten (35)’s corps is found in his backyard by dog-walkers Kyle Severin and Lauren Donnelly. Blood traces suggest his wife, gunnery sergeant Georgia, a tough close combat instructor, and their son Jacob (6) seem kidnapped. In fact she’s found AWOL in Maryland but shows no mourning. Indeed, she knew Travis cheated on her with Jancey Gilroy, who ignored about his marriage, in fellow veteran Len Feeney’s pool club. Both spouses have excessive wounds and bruises. While more saucy background is unearthed, taunter Tony solves McGee’s desperate $10,000 identity theft problem.

8×14: A Man Walks Into a Bar…
Original Air Date—8 February 2011
Submarine USS Colonial’s North Korea observation mission is frozen when its XO, commander Vincent Reynolds, not far from retirement, is found in his state room, fatally shot with a Russian gun. While Dr. Rachel Cranston follows each in turn, digging in their fears and frustrations as hated, long overdue ‘routine’ psychological evaluation, the team passes from three foreign journalists on board to Vincent’s own hidden problems, such as as affair with Navy Admiral Wayne Hargrove’s wife Nancy.

8×15: Defiance
Original Air Date—15 February 2011
Belgravian defense minister Andor Gorgova survives a bomb attack in his Balkans capital, thanks to his US Marines bodyguard, who is killed. The State Department therefore hosts the signing of a controversial treaty and offers protection to his party, assigning to NCIS his headstrong daughter Adriana, who keeps her identity secret except for study friend Judd Stern and diplomacy professor Carl Fleming. She seems to flirt with McGee after he saves her PC, but is kidnapped on his watch, and was in on the stunt to help prevent the treaty being signed. But the demands are changed, for a macabre reason. Gibbs conducts his own informal investigation besides the FBI, which his sole jurisdiction.

8×16: Kill Screen
Original Air Date—22 February 2011
USMC corporal Zach Anderson’s severed finger – and toe tips are found in a different place than his corpse, which was stretched to death on a rack. His stolen credit-card traces to his ex Maxine ‘MaxDestruction’, who dumped him for infidelity, claims she just ‘paid off’ his debt to her and gets on great with Mcgee as a fellow gamer, unlike Zach. She’s shot at in his presence with the gun of martial arts instructor Lisa Bock, one of many victims of his elaborate fake rich guy act, but she has a double alibi. NCIS has computer problems and gets a visit for security firm consultant Blake Martin. Max’s and Zach’s computer were infiltrated by specific spy-ware, which also planted encrypted data. Reed Snyder, the crucial game’s programmer, is missing and had dealings with dodgy Moroccan arms dealer Agah Bayar. Snyder is found tortured to death similarly, but a day before Armstrong and for a surprisingly military reason.

8×17: One Last Score
Original Air Date—1 March 2011
Recently let-off temporary NCIS research assistant Oliver Froman is found on a parking, expertly cut open with several upward knife thrusts. He was working on the case of Leona Phelps, a fraudster who stole fortunes she was supposed to invest for many people and is offered a probation deal. More crimes follow, involving her victims and/or accomplices. Tony has mixed feelings towards the new agent in charge of a team reposted in DC from Spain, which he would have been hadn’t he refused to transfer.

8×18: Out of the Frying Pan
Original Air Date—22 March 2011
A teenage boy is accused of murdering his father, a retired marine, and Gibbs questions Vance’s decision that Gibbs should cross-examine the young man.

8×19: Tell-All
Original Air Date—29 March 2011
NCIS connects a message in blood left by a murdered Navy commander to a manuscript that may contain classified military information.

8×20: Two-Faced
Original Air Date—5 April 2011
To Gibbs’ displeasure, Special Agent E.J. Barrett returns to lead the investigation of a seaman’s death that may be connected to a series of port-related murders. Meanwhile, Ziva finally introduces her boyfriend, Ray, to the team.

8×21: Dead Reflection
Original Air Date—12 April 2011
A Navy lieutenant’s murder is caught on tape by a Pentagon security camera.

8×22: Baltimore
Original Air Date—3 May 2011
After Tony’s ex-partner, Danny Price, appears to be the Port-to-Port Killer’s latest victim, he revisits his days as a detective in Baltimore, including his first encounter with Gibbs.

8×23: Swan Song
Original Air Date—10 May 2011
After new evidence reveals that the Port-to-Port killer has infiltrated the agency, the NCIS teams chase every lead in a race to track him down.

8×24: Pyramid
Original Air Date—17 May 2011
The lives of NCIS members are in jeopardy when they come face-to-face with the infamous Port-to-Port killer.

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