18x01 - Sturgeon Season - Gibbs and Fornell (Joe Spano) attempt to track down the leader of a drug ring who supplied drugs to Fornell’s daughter. Also, the team deals with the case of a missing cadaver from the NCIS autopsy room, on the 18th season premiere of NCIS
Tuesday, Nov. 17, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)

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So Tuesday night had two different things people have been asking about and after the west coast airing of the show Pauley tweeting the answers to those questions. 1) What did Tony says to Ziva? 2) What was the song at the end of the episode?

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CHEAT TWEET: Can the NCIS team get a hipster canary 2 sing & take down the world’s #1 cyber-terrrorist? Watch #NCIS 2/5 8pm ET/PT

“Canary” – The NCIS team takes on a renowned hacker who could hold the key to tracking down the most-wanted cyber-terrorist in the world, on NCIS, Tuesday, Feb. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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When NCIS goes for an emotional gut-punch, it always hits hard.

In last week’s episode, the veteran CBS drama walloped its audience with not one, but two deaths, as a shooting spree at the home of Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) took the lives of both Ziva’s father Eli (Michael Nouri) and Vance’s wife Jackie (Paula Newsome).

“I just couldn’t help myself,” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells of the body count. “This is a story line that we’ve actually been thinking about for a long time — all the way back to last spring. I pulled Rocky Carroll aside and told him I was thinking of this scenario, and we really talked it through. We talked about the doors it would open for his character and things that this character would have to face as a single dad and as a widower. It all seemed exciting. It was new material and a new direction for Vance.”

Indeed, Tuesday’s episode will introduce guest star Greg Germann as Deputy Director Jerome Craig, who will assist Vance during this difficult time. “[Vance] is clearly going to need some time to be there for his family,” says Glasberg, who notes that viewers won’t necessarily see less of him. “It’s just a matter of balancing work with personal life. You might see a different Director Vance while he’s trying to figure out the personal stuff. Gibbs [Mark Harmon] steps up and everyone steps up on the work side.”

Meanwhile, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and the rest of the team will remain focused on figuring out who was behind the shooting. “There’s a real sort of clue trail that unfolds specific to Ziva and her world as to who’s responsible,” Glasberg says. “Ziva certainly has to deal with the loss and the tumultuous familial background that she has.”

In true NCIS fashion, however, the shooting may not be completely solved for a while. “We plant some seeds and throw some things out there,” Glasberg says. “There will be some answers, but there won’t be answers for everything. Some elements will resurface again four or five episodes from now and potentially steer us towards part of what the finale will be. Everything will sort of come together and drive us toward the end of the season.”

Given how things were between Ziva and her father before his death, Glasberg says that Ziva will carry a certain amount of guilt, but she won’t be overcome by it. “Even with the complexity of what existed between Ziva and Eli, at the end of the day, he was her father and she loved him,” he says. “There are good memories that go with the bad. … It absolutely weighs on her. When anyone loses someone, you think about what they meant to you and what part of them you continue to carry. I think those are questions she will continue to seek and look for answers to as she moves forward.”

Glasberg promises that the show won’t get bogged down in the heavier emotional issues. “Part of the beauty of NCIS is we can tackle a couple of story lines like this and in the matter of a few episodes, get back to a more traditional storytelling that has the lighter moments,” he says. “People can still find humor even though they’re going through a difficult time. They can still smile and they can still laugh, and that’s what these characters manage to do.”

But there could be some completely different emotional scenes between a grieving Ziva and Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly). “He’s there as a friend and as a coworker, and you’ll really see Tony be there for her and support her and emotionally be strong for her,” Glasberg says. “It’s all the things I hope that people who enjoy the Tony-Ziva relationship will look for. There’s some really, really nice scenes between [them].”

As for “the moment” Tony and Ziva fans really want to see? “Not only will you see [Tony’s] apartment again, but Ziva David will be in that apartment,” Glasberg teases. “There are some very touching, emotional scenes that will happen between them in that apartment.”

What did you think of NCIS’ double-death twist? What do you hope happens next?


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CHEAT TWEET: Get a glimpse into Abby’s past as a young girl on her first case, 2nite on #NCIS 1/29 8pm ET/PT

“Hit and Run” – The NCIS team investigates a Marine’s car accident and ignites some upsetting past memories for Abby as a young girl on the trail of her first “case,” on NCIS, Tuesday, Jan. 29 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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CBS’ NCIS blindsided fans with a double-whammy last week, capping an already tense hour with an abrupt machine-gun assault on the Vance home, where Eli and Ziva David were guests for dinner. When the dust settled, two lives were lost – Ziva’s father, and Vance’s wife Jackie. As Gibbs’ team readies to mourn the dead in this Tuesday’s “Shiva” (airing at 8/7c), showrunner Gary Glasberg shared a look at the devastating aftermath for two of NCIS’ finest.

TVLINE | When did you first give Paula Newsome (who plays Jackie) and Michael Nouri (Eli) a heads-up on what you had planned?
You know, this is something that we’ve been talking about for a long time. I started to toy around with this idea back last spring. I pulled Rocky Carroll (Vance) aside and I told him what I was thinking, that strictly from the Vance perspective, I really wanted to do something that would open up his world a bit, because Vance’s family life has been very grounded and very positive.

TVLINE | Yeah, it’s always been a rock for him.
And there’s nothing wrong with that, but this is a huge change for him, to suddenly be a single dad, to be a widower, to carry the responsibility of his family and NCIS on his shoulders. It opened a lot of doors. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. The same goes with Cote [de Pablo]. We talked about years of storylines with Eli David and where their relationship is, and how this would in theory change [Ziva]. Both Michael Nouri and Paula were of course upset by the direction that we chose, but they were total pros and they wanted to give it everything they could. I am really pleased with the way it came out.

TVLINE | You said you’ve been thinking about this for a while — but was it only until more recently that both deaths landed in the same episode?
Well, it was sort of the beginning of the season when we started to plot where this would fall. Chris Waild, who wrote the episode, and I talked about what we wanted to do, but part of it, too, is I’ve been intrigued by the idea of civilian loss happening during a professional situation. That’s real to me. We see it the news, and it’s awful how there are tragedies that come up, and in this instance Jackie Vance is very much a victim of something that she had no control over. So, it felt organic and natural to us to do what we did.

TVLINE | At first blush, is losing Jackie going to make Vance harder, or softer? Or wounded?
Absolutely wounded. And in some way, it sort of sticks to the thematic stuff that I was trying to do at the beginning of the season. You know we had this theme of sort of fallen heroes? Pulling the rug out from under Vance puts him in that category.

TVLINE | Our readers had been worried — ever since I reported on the casting of Greg Germann as the NCIS Deputy Director — what it might say about the story ahead for Vance.
In the real world these characters sort of back each other up and work together. I realized in talking to the real director of NCIS that the Deputy Director in the real world plays a big part, and we’ve actually never, in all of our 10 seasons, introduced the Deputy Director. So, I just thought it would be the right time.

TVLINE | And what kind of an arc is Ziva on the cusp of?

Ziva clearly had her differences with her father, but he was still her father, and there’s a part of her that’s wounded and broken, and Tony is there for her. He is there for her as a friend and a co-worker, and he plays a big part in the episode that airs on Tuesday. That will continue all the way through the rest of the season.

TVLINE | Do Michael [Weatherly] and Cote get some meaty scenes on Tuesday?
They do. They have some really meaty scenes on Tuesday, and I will say that we end up back in Tony’s apartment and there is some really lovely, emotional stuff that happens between the two of them there.

TVLINE | Professionally, are there any longer-term ramifications for Ziva? Like, is she going to start reconsidering her choices, or…?
I don’t know about reconsidering choices, but Ziva certainly wants to get to the bottom of what happened here and who is responsible — and I will tell you that not all the answers will be there at the end of [the episode].

TVLINE | In rooting out who’s responsible, is she going to be like a dog with a bone?
Yes. And the one thing that I will say is in the beginning, you can have some very serious episodes like we have here. And then, just as in real life, people still see the lighter sides of things, and people have to laugh. So there will be moments that are lighter, there will be storylines that are lighter, but you continue to carry things with you and think about things. That will be the case here as well.


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Last week’s episode of NCIS, “Shabbat Shalom,” felt like a huge cliffhanger you might see a season opener or finale – exactly what Executive Producer Gary Glasberg wanted, he told TV Fanatic today.

With Ziva’s father Eli, dying along with Vance’s wife, what can we expect in “Shiva,” tomorrow’s conclusion? Glasberg hopped on the phone with us to tell us that the thrills, twists and turns are not over yet.

TV Fanatic: In general, talk to me about the conversations you and the writers have about killing off characters, even recurring ones.

Gary Glasberg: This is something actually that we’ve been talking about for some time. I came with this thought – really, that’s all it was – as far back as last spring. I approached Rocky Carroll (who plays Vance) about it and he was open to the idea. Really, this will take the Vance character and sort of open up his world and change his world significantly. Suddenly he’s a single parent, he’s a widower … there’s a tremendous amount in his personal life that we have to be aware of and deal with.

It adds a whole other layer to his character [and] rather than do something a little more traditional which would be to do a move like this at the beginning of the year or the end of the year … to do it right in the middle of the season would not only surprise people but energize the back half of the season, as well.

TVF: And talk about Ziva. Her father tried to reconnect, she pushes him away and now she has to deal with his death.

GG: Cote [de Pablo], I thought, her performance last week was terrific and the episode that comes up tomorrow, she just does really great and beautiful stuff. It not only affects what she’s thinking internally but it affects her relationship with Gibbs, who takes on even more of a father figure role, it affects the Tony/Ziva relationship and it sets up this need to find out who killed Eli.

TVF: With Ziva and Tony, they could bond over their daddy issues but will we see their relationship go to a new level? Or does it change things between them?

GG: I think the relationship continues to evolve and this adds something new and different to their relationship, as well. You’ll see tomorrow that Tony is really there for her as a friend and a co-worker and they share some very intimate, personal moments and that gets established in tomorrow’s episode and actually will carry through the rest of the season, as well. Yeah, when people encounter big difficult moments like this hopefully their friends and family are going to be there to support them.

> Continue reading at TvFanatic

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This week’s NCIS was heartbreaking! Any scoop on what’s ahead for Ziva? –Daniel
Coming soon, I’ll have a big ol’ deep-dive piece previewing the aftermath of this week’s double whammy. But for now I’ll let slip this morsel from showrunner Gary Glasberg: “There’s a part of Ziva’s that’s wounded, and broken, and Tony is there for her — as a friend, and as a coworker.” Specifically, in the next episode, “We end up back in Tony’s apartment, and there’s some really lovely, emotional stuff that happens.”

Posted by Admin on January 8th, 2013

It’s been a while since we had some NCIS scoop. Please help! — Denise
You’ll want to watch tonight’s episode for a development that will change a lot for at least two members of the team.

I loved NCIS’s Christmas episode, but I want to know if anyone from the team going to see Tony’s apartment? — Kim

Sooner than you think. But you should be asking exactly why she ends up there.


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PREVIOUSLY ON… | Gibbs crossed paths with two women from his past – Miranda Pennybaker (played by ER’s Alex Kingston) and ex-wife Diane Fornell; Ziva and Abby teamed up for a case; and Tony’s father paid a visit for the holidays.

COMING UP NEXT | First up, “Ziva will reconnect with her dad (played by Michael Nouri),” says showrunner Gary Glasberg. Eli’s latest encore will in part tee up “a big sort of turn for Ziva that will happen in the latter part of the season,” one that “affects her, affects her relationship with Tony and adds a whole other layer to the puzzle.” Glasberg also promises a “really fun” origin episode that introduces us to 10-year-old Abby and her brother Luca, plus a “terrific” turn by Greg Germann (Ally McBeal) as NCIS Deputy Director Jerome Craig. “Greg brings a sense of humor, a wit and a sarcasm that’s unique and different.” As for his plans for the Season 10 finale, Glasberg told us in early December that he had “a basic sense” of what he wanted to do, adding: “I usually sit down in front of a fireplace with a hot toddy in my hand and stew about things over the holidays a bit, and then come back and dive in!” (We will, of course, keep you posted. And also treat ourselves to a hot toddy.)

RETURN DATE | Tuesday, January 8 at 8/7c (CBS)


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