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NCIS Terms

ABO Typing

AFIP – Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

AFIS – Automated Fingerprint Identification System

ALS – Alternate Light Source

BCIS – Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services

BOLOs – Be On Look Out

CDC – Center of Disease Control

CID – Criminal Investigation Division

CINCPAC – Commander in Chief, Pacific

DI – Drill Instructor

DHS – Department of Homeland Security



FLETC – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center


LEO’s – Law Enforcement Officer(s)

M.E. – Medical Examiner

MCRT – Major Case Response Team

MTAC – Multiple Threat Alert Center

NSA – National Security Agency

OTC – Over The Counter

PSB – Presidential Service Badge


Sig Sauer – 9MM Handgun

SJA – Staff Judge Advocate

STR – Suspicious Transaction Record

TOD – Time of Death



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