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Sunday, December 26 2010

First off we have a brand new layout thanks to the amazing Tathy @ Night and Day. As you can see there is a little more added to the layout this time around. After discussing it with myself and some good friends, I decided to turn NCIS Source to be a site for Both NCIS and it’s spin off NCIS: Los Angles. So we will have News, Photos and screencaps for both shows and both sets of actors. Now I know they are two different shows, but both the same agency just they solve crimes and bust the bad guys different ways, Plus in the first season a few NCIS cast members from the original popped in to NCIS:LA. So though they are two different shows, still connected too. So putting them together for NCIS Source. But don’t worry, you can still find amazing sites for just NCIS () and NCIS:LA (

But we are still working on trying to get all the season into the gallery and will be working on added the NCIS:LA caps as well. So starting Jan 11, I will be added both the new NCIS and NCIS:LA caps into the gallery after they air. It will be either the same night the air or the next day, but both will be added. And speaking of updates, we have added Episode stills from the next to NCIS Episodes, 8×11 Ships in the Night and 8×12 Recruited. And added some NCIS:LA Promotional Photos and Episode Stills of the episode that just aired 2×11 Disorder. Will add photos for the new episode 2×12 Overwatch as soon as I can.

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