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Monday, July 12 2010

Welcome to NCIS, your newest source for everything NCIS, CBS’s #1 hit drama. We will have the latest news of what is going on on NCIS, from who might be joining the cast, wither it’s full time or a guest appearance… to who might be leaving, if any were to leave. We will also have what is going down on the next episode, so in case you missed the preview for next time you’ll still know what will happen. We’ll even have Episode screencaps of the whole Episode, from start to finish, along with season promotional photos and episode stills. Small teasers of what is to come on the next episode. Hopefully we can be your source for all things NCIS and we won’t let you down. So hope you all will bookmark this site and stop by. We’ll have more updates and images soon then you know.

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